The Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Training (RADACT) Program strives to increase the educational level of individuals entering or working in the behavioral health counseling field by providing courses to meet various degrees of experience and expertise.

RADACT, founded in 1992, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing training opportunities to individuals beginning their journey towards chemical dependency/behavioral health counselor certification, clinical supervision and administration. RADACT provides, coordinates and delivers on-site training. RADACT also provides correspondence classes and offers a three-week intense training academy.

RADACT’s offices are located in Anchorage, Alaska in the University Mall. You can contact RADACT’s staff by phone, 907-563-9202, or email.

Janet Carter – Executive Director and Founder

In 1992, Janet relocated to Anchorage from Kodiak, where she lived for eleven years. In Kodiak, she served as both trainer and director of the South Central Area Alcohol Training (SCAAT) Program. She started RADACT in her living room and held, once again, the positions of both trainer and director.

Janet earned a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology/Counseling from the University of Washington. As RADACT’s Executive Director, she seeks out financial resources, writes all applicable grants, and oversees the general workings of the program.