Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Training Program

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Janet and Virginia look forward to working with you to meet your training needs. RADACT provides training throughout Alaska for persons seeking certification as a chemical dependency counselor, a behavioral health counselor, or a clinical supervisor.

RADACT provides the following venues for training towards certification:

Twelve-day Counselor Technician Training Academy: The Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Training (RADACT) Program is sponsoring a 12-day Counselor Technician training academy from Monday, September 20, 2021, through graduation Friday evening October 1, 2021, at the RADACT Office. Click here for more information and application.

Chemical Dependency Level One:  Please watch for more information. More information and application will be posted soon.

On-Site Training: Usually, on-site trainings offered in the following nine communities: Anchorage, Barrow, Bethel, Fairbanks, Juneau, Kenai, Kodiak, Kotzebue, Nome, Sitka. On site trainings are anticipated but may be held via zoom.

Correspondence Courses: Always available.

Zoom Courses: Some classes may be held via ZOOM.

All of RADACT classes are open to the public. Individuals can register for a class that is available to them by contacting Virginia on the form below or by telephone at 907-563-9202.


RADACT has added a new correspondence course “Behavioral Health Services for Alaska Natives” that will fulfill the niche for individuals looking for an Alaska Native studies course.

Zoom Courses:

All classes available are listed on the RADACT web site under Zoom Learning.

Each course is an independent course, which means that students need to register for each specific course they would like to take rather than registering for the RADACT program.  To register for a Zoom course, click Zoom Learning for the list of courses currently available, the course description, cost and registration information.

Correspondence Courses:

RADACT of various correspondence courses for both counselor technician, level 1 certification, and courses for recertification.  Each course can be purchased independently of the other courses.  Click Correspondence Course for a list of the correspondence courses, the course description, the cost of the course and the purchase information.  Correspondence courses are available in the following formats:

  • CD
  • Flash drive
  • Hard copy
  • Email

RADACT continually updates and adds new courses.  Check “Announcements” below for any updates.


RADACT has added a new correspondence course “Behavioral Health Services for Alaska Natives” that will fulfill the niche for individuals looking for an Alaska Native studies course.


The Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Training (RADACT) Program strives to increase the educational level of individuals entering or working in the behavioral health counseling field by providing courses to meet various degrees of experience and expertise. RADACT, founded in 1992, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing training opportunities to individuals beginning their journey towards chemical dependency/behavioral health counselor certification, clinical supervision and administration. RADACT provides, coordinates and delivers on-site training. RADACT also provides correspondence classes and offers a three-week intense training academy. RADACT’s offices are located in Anchorage, Alaska in the University Mall. Click the Location/Contact tab above for contact information.

Executive Director and Founder

Janet Carter

In 1992, Janet relocated to Anchorage from Kodiak, where she lived for eleven years. In Kodiak, she served as both trainer and director of the South Central Area Alcohol Training (SCAAT) Program. She started RADACT in her living room and held, once again, the positions of both trainer and director. Janet earned a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology/Counseling from the University of Washington. As RADACT’s Executive Director, she seeks out financial resources, writes all applicable grants, and oversees the general workings of the program.


RADACT's Office in the University Mall  RADACT’s office can be found in the main University Mall hallway. Come in the center entrance near the jewelry shop and walk to the left down the hallway.
RADACT’s comfortable waiting room is decorated with Alaskana. RADACT's reception area
RADACT's onsite classroom The spacious class room offers comfortable seating for lectures and discussion groups.


How to Find RADACT

RADACT Office Hours

Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm. Closed holidays and staff emergencies.

RADACT – The Regional Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor Training Program
3901 Old Seward Hwy, Suite 8, In the University Center Mall
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone 907-563-9202
Fax 907-562-7948

Executive Director: Janet Carter

Admin. Assistant: Virginia Zutz

Contact us here.